Reviews for "Stork Shot"

Stork Shot

Stork Shot is an incredibly fun game. Stork Shot Is about a Swat man falling randomly killing babies and storks because the world is becoming to over populated with babies. The idea of the game is great,and i enjoy the style a point and shoot. It goes well with the game. The giant whale is kind of confusing,but still. An awesome game. 9/10 5/5.


Nicelly made and very entertaining!

LOL greatest game ever!

I don't know how but I killed the shark the exact same time I died so while the shark was blowing up into pieces my head exploded... it was pretty awesome

Uhh... What?

Are you serious, chaslo? Alright, here's a history lesson; in the vietnam era children were often used against the U.S. forces, in one event bombs were strapped to children and they were told, "The U.S. Marine forces will help you."

Those baby killers you like to judge; were saving their own lives. Something you probably would do the same in that situation.

So save your typical U.S. Soldier bullshit.

68W out.

Pokemon is still great

The electric guitar version of the music from pokemon, for the gameboy makes it awesome.