Reviews for "Stork Shot"

Good game

Its a good game with a couple of problems
fun game
weapon diversity is always good
AWESOME soundtrack
controls are a little jerky and awkward to get used to because their inverted and once you do i found my self unable to move just a little bit over but flying all around the screen
Decision 8/10
A fun game that's a great time killer but awkward controls can be problematic

Obscure reference

Dude! Douglas Adams anybody? Anybody else remember the whale in the sky? Fun game btw. Dig that soundtrack. Keep the bleeding hearts happy with that first medal too. Well done.

Holy Crap XD



Here's how to get the five point medal: don't kill any babies or birds at all
The rest is easy.

To avoid the fireball just move the crossbar.

it's a decent game. but...

The reason i am commenting on this game is because i want to say how silly it is to see people not getting offended by playing a game about killing babies- which are responsible for continuing the human race. but, somehow, people get offended when they see a drawing of muhammad in Faith Fighters and give it a low rating.

Yes. people can play a game about killing babies and they won't get offended. why? "Because it's a game. duh!"

But people get highly offended when they see god and jesus and muhammad in a video game. Why? "Because it's insulting to my religion! it's a game? i don't care!
it's insulting!"

this is so embarrassing for humanity...

pretty good game!