Reviews for "Stork Shot"


That;s intense.

Also, Pokemon.

you need a award

this game shows how the world population has gone to far

funny as hell

great controls, animation and its really funny. you sir get 10 stars

You deserve a medal

I don't think I laughed harder from this sort of concept, but then again, Ive never seen this sort of concept in a flash game! Ten points for originality, and ten more points for an indirect dead baby joke. Throw in 5 points for fighting a killer whale that shoots fireballs while in free fall?!

As for controls as other people have been mentioning, I haven't had a problem with the controls at all after I got used to them, the amount of time to get used to em being 10 seconds.


Guys.This game is somewhat comical too.So dont really take it serious.
Why do you think there is a whale on the sky?

Made me laugh.And the game isnt so bad,all you gotta do is familiarise with the controls :)