Reviews for "Stork Shot"

not every game

not all games need a story espacialy one that is this short, the breif description is all you really need to understand this game

fucking BAD ASS!!!!

YES shows that in a couple decades the worlds population WILL be a problem... and such we will have to kill a couple of people.... its gotta be that way... its cold but hey gotta clean up u feel me? XD anyway it SHOULDVE had lke 5 bosses instead just the whale (which was fuckin EPIC!)

Good, but..

I really like the game play. I found the controls to be hard to get used to, but really fun to use, and I especially liked the whale fighting bit. The only thing that I really don't like about this game is the story.

cool game, though the story is a bit.....,

I loved the gameplay concept for this, however the story......

aah I don't care for it really they aren't real babies and if there is some methaphore I'm one of the people who thinks abortion is OK,
rather not living than being in a situation where my parents can't raise me right, however I'm not saying everyone should do that, but if a couple....

NVM the review should be about the game not about some political theme, as I said cool game, though the story is a bit....., questionable

nice music too, from Pokemon right?


The killing is epic, especially the whale.
But the concept is just plain wrong.