Reviews for "Stork Shot"

good job

man my ex would love this game. lol
i just barely get beat by that damd killer whale. still having gotten used to flying around like that ><''


It took me a few tries to get the hang of it because I could not stop laughing. Extremely fun game with some very well done mechanics. Would love to see a sequel with multiple levels, weapons, bosses, and even upgrades.

=D XD =3

Admitively one of the best games i have played on newgrounds... I hate kids so i don't really care about the baby killing XD good job man.

Some issues...

Main issue is the erratic movement you do. Was evading most of the boss's attacks then suddenly moment I move the cursor somewhat off screen, my character jettisons himself smack into the fireballs.

Of the weapons, the machine/assault rifle is the best one with lack of time consuming reloading. Shotgun comes a good second with the spread... but the grenade launcher seems a bit overkill.

Should allow people some time to figure out the movement control.

pretty addictive

aside from the baby killing. this game is very addictive! If you made the duration longer, there may be more competition for high score.