Reviews for "Stork Shot"


it is sad to kill babys but it was good game

Badges badges badges...

Got all four badges. I hate that Orca though. It's killer! Went through an entire game just waiting for it and it's balls. Now to play mayhem with the storks!

Been a while since I litterally LOL

Even though it's only one level this one was the best. From the start of the massacre to the whale battle I didn't stop laughing. I did fail like 3 times before I found out to lean in the direction you want to avoid the fireballs. Ow when it went "you suck" I was howling!

My only gripe was some fireballs seem to be "me seeking" where it should have just floated by but somehow hit me with inches to spare. When the damn thing started floating in circles I surely thought I would die but barley lived.

There really should have been a reload button too. Nothing like waiting to reload when getting pounded with fireballs.

Can't wait to see your next game! Keep it up!


Good Game Like It...If It More Level It Will Be Much Fun!!!

Too Much Awesome

I ave not laughed out loud at a game since.... well I cant even remember. This game is sooo much fun. Love the extreme pokemon background music lulz.