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Reviews for "The Last Starfighter WIP"



cant wait

This is gonna be awesome.

i like demo i cant wait for full game


good start. Maybe make it a bit easier at the start of the game and give us the option of holding down the spacebar to continuously shoot (but tapping makes you shoot faster)

The menu text could also afford to be bolded a bit so it stands out a little more.

Can't wait to see the finished game.

Good start!

Ok, first of all I love the feel of it, the movement of the ship is nice, so are the hit detection zones, and as far as the core gameplay mechanics, it's solid.

But, obviously there is much to improve apon:
invulvrability after you get hit, it's a must otherwise a bad move can end the game instantly.
The size proportions of everything, while the current set up is a fun fast paced game, the general hit detection zones, rate of fire and size of projectiles and enemy ships, make it extremly difficult.
Art work could use some work, sounds needed some vareity.

Also power ups would make the game more playable, and have a longer life span... not upgrades just short term power ups maybe... meh

Good start.

MarkySpark responds:

I have taken everything you said onboard. Thanks