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Reviews for "Doodle God 2"

I see....

I see tht my inference about you being an illuminati pawn is correct! The imagery persists but this time the symbolism is even more blatant and appalling. Using the least descriptive adjective this is annoying. WTH the last time it was same old imgae of the pyramid and the all seeing eye. Now you've portrayed god(which is a sin, read the bible) with one eye. Sorry to my atheist brothers and sisters but even if you don't believe in god being bombarded with the False one eyed omnipotence is just ludicrous. Seriously was it too much of a stretch to put him on here with two eyes? Or would the hidden message your trying to put forth with symbols be lost? This is perfect isn't it? A game dedicated to pictures...you can subliminally attack the player with what ever you choose. Every one reading this look up the illuminati. Don't believe everything you read because info on this subject is varied but it seems their symbolism has penetrated newgrounds. Shame on the authors of this game. Illuminati pawns!!!

Just Saying

There are 21 groups that other player didn't go far enogh. Human+Money=Work

Game broke after first element created