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Reviews for "Doodle God 2"

I love this game, love all of the inside/side jokes, and the series itself! You can't ever stop with the creativity it seems! I think I have a good idea for your next game:
If you can make a Doodle God: Do It Yourself it would be awesome! Just think, all of the people making different spin-offs with their own combos and stuff, it would make your series 10 times as popular! I can imagine it now, making your elements and choosing your own picture or one of the pictures from the games, making the recipies for the combos. Keep doing what you're doing!

Game is infinitely entertaining, brilliant concept and just all around stimulating...but every time I make a living creature I keep trying to give it vodka just to see if I can make a drunk or an alcoholic. Loved this game and the original. Great work!

LOVE This WHoLE SERIES!!! but... apple + cellphone = religion?? lol

jajaja, apple + cellphone = gold

never knew this