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Reviews for "Travelers with short legs"

very nice art and animation.

I love the artstyle, its a sort of LOZ windwaker meets katamari.
I'm a little lost on the storyline though, maybe i'm just being stupid. but other than the obvious stuff and maybe the whole thing with a monster just being imagined by the guy i dont really understand whats goin on.
still a very nice piece.

Great Job.

This is what I like to see on Newgrounds. You have a great style. Keep it up. All my 5 belong to this.

:I love your style:

your animations are fantastic.

Excellent Work!

It's sad to say that you didn't get a daily award for this but you sure deserved one.

When Newgrounds starts allowing people to upload videos without having to cram them into an swf your work will really shine!

Great work. Your style is gorgeous, it's nice to see something with a bit more of a stylized visual for a change. I was a member of NG yeeears back and upon returning, i'm sad to see that there aren't many "artsy" films on Newgrounds anymore. Thanks for proving they're still out there!