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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"


this's awesome

Rapheus responds:

Why thank you, good sir!

OMG! scorpion at the beginning :D .

And what? he is dead? :o

In any case,very funny :) .

(but please,re-kill JB in a other video if it's not the case)

Rapheus responds:

Hmm, I don't know. You guys seem to like them, so probably :D

good but

seriously! i cant believe that you know how to make games and animations on newgrounds but you don't know how to make a scene creator. dosent everyone who knows how to make a game and a animation know how to make a scene creator?

Rapheus responds:

Don't know how to make games either. The second I see code I 'nope.jpg' and walk away.

Sorry Mom, [ loud gun shots]

Rapheus responds:

I think she would have forgiven me.

LOL f*cking mother (no offense to your mother) you cant have a little chance to fire a simple shot but alright
PS good animation im so sorry you cant fire a single shot

Rapheus responds:

Thanks buddy! I know, right? I made up for it though.