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Reviews for "Mother's Day Massacre"


Lady gaga has a nose And
Justin bieber wearing a bandage on his head

Rapheus responds:

Don't forget GaGa's massive man-bulge! And Bieber has a bandage cuz I shot him in 'Audie's St. Patrick's Day'.


Good :)

My question:When do you make MadSeth 5?

Rapheus responds:

I'm aiming for a Madness Day '11 release.


not aloud to kill anyone what a bummer

Rapheus responds:

I should have gotten an achievement.

im so with him i fucking hate JB lady GG and final fantasy HE SO SHLOUD OF GONE LIKE Him:FUCK U MOM (shoots missle at all those people) MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! :3

Rapheus responds:

Looks like love for mom overrode hate for J.Biebs.

wait why is it called massacre if he doesnt kill anyone 0-0

Rapheus responds:

My holiday series has the suffix 'massacre' ever since I broke up with my ex. They used to be 'Audie's fill in the blank'.