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Reviews for "Minions - Portal"


this was funny, then again, most things i see are funny, but this is portal, so its always awesoem

and i think i saw the easteregg was

great movie

As said/written, great movie. It's quite fun, when Portal 2 comes out, Portal is oh so popular once again. I'va stuck in with portal for a long time, and I love it even more now.

Ah my eyes

the animation is pretty bad but the style is good.


Great job!

I was watching, expecting them to get attacked the whole way through but it never came!

Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.
I liked the easter egg.

And I understood the voices just fine. (I'm American)

Ah, turrets...

Complaints about the voices? Nope, not here, especially since it reminds me of Wheatley! Especially that blue-eyed turret.

They must have snapped after that turret template scan fiasco. It would have been interesting to see what the defective turrets have to say.

Great flash! It was really entertaining!