Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

awsome game!

completed it :P look at my character!: potter hair blond color, normal skin,guy noodz outfit, lady gaga hat,steve jobs glasses,movie body wear, troll face and rainbow background!

Its a parody within parody!

I had a great time playing this! I played all :the game: flashes and I think this is the best one! The internet memes and jokes we're hysterical! Great job man hope you make another one soon!


now only if you could make an ULTIMATE GAME featuring anything and everything in todays culture not just pop culture

That was... the most beautiful thing I've ever played. My only complaint is that the controls were a bit... slippery. Overall, a very challenging and fun (and funny) game with interesting levels, unique mechanics, and general awesomeness.

By the way, I know the Lady Gaga Meat Dress level was a reference to Super Meat Boy, but the music felt a bit like a reference to the Meat Circus level in Psychonauts. In fact, several bits of music had a very Psychonauts-y feel to them. Intentional, or am I just crazy(er than I already knew I was)?

dude this is a great game but geezus the controls i was screaming to get past some levels cuz i was sliding all over the place its funny and great i love this but the controls are so bad ugh but dont think i mean just cuz the controls are bad i mean you suck and the game sucks no not at all the game is amazing and awesome and you rule i just dont like all the slippery feel to it.