Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

I swear

Each time i play a new :the game: games a part of my sanity is lost. But I don't care they're really too freaking awesome.

Please make another.


ahaha! this is absolutely great! The Justin Bieber level made me seriously LOL

Saving :The Game:!

I loved the ending! what music is there? best :the game: ever!

This game is awesome.

It's really entertaining!

I wish there was a 11/10

Im serious. I really want to give more than a 10 for this game. I mean there is really good graphics, it has a sense of humor and the gameplay is obviously simple and correlates with the world wide issues. Great parodies and exaggerations make this the ultimate flash game. IMO best flash game ever. I cant wait till the 2nd version comes out.!