Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"


its frustant and hard but funny n.n


This is the best GAME ever can you put the songs so i can download it onto my ipod?

i love it!!!!!!!!!

it's the best game of newgrounds . i played it for hours and i had beated the game! its gonna had an second one?

Nice evolution of the series!

So, first game, started out doing random SH*%. Then, second game, started developing a meaning and plot. Now, thrid game was a masterpiece. I liked how they went through all the trouble to kill "the boss" and it stilled destroyed the world xD.

Great game

though i encountered a glitch....for some reason, upon completing each level, i couldnt click anything on the end text area, or pause it, or use space...i had to click outside the screen so it autopaused, then hit "replay level" and complete it a second time to be able to continue...