Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

Fun yet hard

Unlike the first two this one has some nice references and is 100x harder to complete than the first two. Then again you aren't just jumping off sides anymore either. Game is slightly glitchy though as I was able to complete some levels by literally jumping through walls and other NPCs. About the only thing needed fixing, aside from that good game.

Sweet :D

I loved this :D played thru the other 2 :the game: games (lol), laughing all the while and this one had me almost crying xD You got EVERYONE just sooo spot on (i loved Edward and Lady Gaga the most :D)

Only level that frustrated me was the oil spill one, those damned things that are supposed to propel you SUCK.

Other than that...Make another? Just so i can think even more about how stupid this damn game is? Oh and btw. I couldnt share it cos i DONT HAVE ANY OF THEM SOCIAL NETWORKS :DDDDDD (or is that a bad thing?)

absolutley hilariously fun!

the long wait paid off! i loved the gravity aspect (or lack thereof in some points) :D

loved it

I liked how you made it harder then the last one. I couldn't quit laughing throughout the game.

the final one

I hope this is the final one. Not because I didn't like it or anything, but because this was freakin' epic.