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Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

i beat the game! (i cheated on the boss fight by using S-K) :|. really good game! but ipad :the game:
is kinda hard so please make it easyer. also make tea party :the game: easyer hope you see this!

If only I played this gem earlier

lo unico malo es que es muy corto, unos cuantos niveles más hubieran hecho de todo buenisimo, los chistes si son graciosos, mecanicas entretenidas y frescas, muy buen juego, F en el chat por flash, que no estará disponible para diciembre.

Problems with this... thing:
1) There are so many pandering MLG jokes that it makes my head hurt.
2) You can very easily clip through things on accident.
3) In this game air is thin ice, or at least it feels that way every time you jump.
4) Random cutscenes shoe-horned in for no reason and that come out of nowhere.
5) The camera.
Positives about this... thing:
1) The art style is nice.
2) The game's organized well.
This game is a not-so-fun experience, although there does seem to be an okay amount of effort put in by Newgrounds standards. Still nowhere near fun though, and I've seen games on Newgrounds that are much better than this.
Edit: I like how people can't handle opinions. I have looked at 5 pages of this game's reviews, and the pattern is that all of the nonsensical or positive reviews get a lot of happy reactions while the negative ones like mine get frowned upon. I know the reactions are simply to show your feelings on a review, but the fact this pattern even exists means people need to grow up.

I got all the medals Best Game