Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

This game horrible and disgusting..trollface.png

If you took the top seriously you just got trolled. XD

In all seriousness though this game is fricken sweet!

I do have a couple problems though. One being the Toy Story 3 level had weird mechanics when it comes to jumping, it felt like I couldn't jump some times. The BP level has a game breaking glitch where you can accidentally put birds in an already lit barrel meaning you cant continue. Other then those two thing, I love this game, very nice graphics, the memes and portal references galore. It's all an amazing game, I congratulate you good sir on a gob well done.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

At first I was like D:
But then I was like :D

And then I was like I need to stop making these cheap emoticons and get on fixing some last-minute stuff that youse just pointed out. Thank you so much for the helpful review!

Awesome game!

Its gone to my favourites and 10/10 for you
However, how do you beat the toy story level? I cannot do it :(

Everything the other game wasn't

Despite it's obvious abuse of pop culture and internet culture for views and interest from the community, it isn't just a joke, while the other game was just a joke and continued jokes with no to little effort in change of level. Which I personally didn't enjoy, although I'm sure others did.

This is different and much more interesting as those pop culture jokes are accompanied by well thought out gameplay elements and an actually enjoyable underlying system.

Well done. Looking forward to more.


Finally parttt 333!!!111!!111!!

woo hoo!

its finaly out!part 3!