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Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"

Excellent Parody of Pop Culture

Also... PONIEZ! RAINBOW DASH! TWILIGHT SPARKLE! THE ROBOT UNICORN! Too manly for the 12-18 female demographic.

This. Is. Awesome.

Quite difficult in some places, but then again I am a GIRL AGED 12-18 SO I MUST BE IN LOVE WITH ROBERT PATTINSON [GAG] AND/OR JUSTIN BIEBER [UBERGAG]!!!!!!!1!!1!1!1111 Just joking. But seriously... ;)

It's a fun game, I loved all the pop culture gags and...stuff.... the controls were tricky to get the hang of, but good in the end. The Lady GaGa (super meat dress!) and Bieber/Cullen levels were my favourites. They were tricky, but cool. :D

I just lost! Damn you NcN!!

GREAT! game or GREATEST!!!!?! game.... you decide.....


the game is is good the peeps are back in new levels but there is 2 things u need to fix 1 is the walls bug and dont make it to wehre if they cant do it in a short amou-
nt of time the end of the level. im looking foward to another the game

- sonicthedeamon

What's this?

A :game: where we actually have to have SKILL?? :D

Hilarious as always! Keep it up!