Reviews for "Reimagine :The Game:"


I played the first two :The Game: games, and I thought that it wouldn't get any better.

I was dead wrong.

There is actual gameplay now, as opposed to jumping off the only platform in the "level". The difficulty of the game isn't easy, but it's not too terribly hard. All of the achievements are easy to get, once you get enough practice. The Lady Gaga level achievement is the hardest one to get (or at least in my opinion).

The art is similar to the other ones, but more things are added. I definately enjoy the art style, because it's his own.

As usual, Nutcasenightmare's satire is very well done. I enjoyed, and hysterically laughed at, most of the parodies. My favorites were the Youtube, the TSA and Justin Bieber levels. Also, it looks like someone is a Portal 2 fan, so he had to put the blue and orange gel in his levels. ;)

The only two things that I don't get the reference to: whatever that thing is at the second intermission and the final boss. Both of those are kinda creepy lol.

as aRe yoU##############"
How is that not creepy?

One last note: I think its funny and ironic that :The Game: bashes social networking, but uses it to spread the word (hence the achievement). Just saying.

Great job though. Keep up the awsome work!!! :)


... H...O...L...Y...S...#...!...T!!!!!!

Awesome! I love it! 10/10!!!


I think one day, when there are over 20 or 50 of these, you should make a console game

Nice job.

my only complaint is Tik Locke. You should make the buttons last longer...


Much better then the first and second, I laughed my ass off at the BP level