Reviews for "Nyan Cat FLY!"

My mind has been raped.

Best game ever, Good design and graphics. lol.


BEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gonna steals someones cat and shove in a poptart feed it dead unicorns(so it craps rainbows) and also throw it in space. haha XD lol

pop tart katz rule!

nyan need more candy!!!

great formula

easy and addicting game play with cute and addicting music to boot. Great game and a easy way to kill some time with a smile on your face. now where can I dl the song?

krangGAMES responds:

YouTube search "Nyan Cat Original", and then Google search "mp3 from YouTube". Easy as 1, 2, 3... maybe 4. But no more than 4.

so addicting!

i've finally learned the lyrics to the song :p