Reviews for "Mortal Kouple"

lol FINISH HER !!! lol)

It's a short cartoon, but I love it! It's mostly because the punchline is so unexpected. I didn't know it would end like that. Hey, if you knock someone's tooth out, you deserve to be hit! I thought the animation was quite good. The X-ray stuff was just wonderful.

It's just so much fun to see something so mundane being treated like this. It probably helps that I love learning about human anatomy. You seem to have gotten the details down right. The music is nice and pretty suiting. It must be hard to have a love life in the Mortal Kombat world.

That was funny as SHIT yo 5 STARS MAN im not playin'

Win at Mortal Kombat and win at this. You two rock.
Love his expressions after being kissed and during the uppercut.

Flawless Victory

This was so epic. Everything we love about mortal kombat that we wouldn't in real life.