Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

One of the best tower defense games out there

The title says it all. The quality of this game is far above most tower defense games which rely solely on the addictive nature of the genre to get you hooked.

I've played the "first" one for hours and it's awesome that this level pack is now out.


oh wow, a new cursed treasure =D

flat out my favorite tower defense game... i must have cleared new saves to all "brilliant" ratings at least 4 times on the original game over time.

Very happy to have a semi-sequel in this pack :)

keep up the good work :)

Great Game

Very fun game. If i have any gripes its theres not enough levels =).

Hint for ninjas try to hit them AS soon as possible so their 5 sec invis runs out before they get to gems. Failing that Metor kills ninjas nicely. Oh the big ninja u will need to upgrade metor to kill him before he makes it to gems.

I enjoyed it

I enjoyed it entirely, honestly a lot of things i thought would be buggy with the time sync for everything isn't maybe my only complain being xp is a pain in the arse to grab but hey im in no hurry and it adds more playtime.




It says in game

if the gem is TOUCHED you lose your brilliant, NOT if the gem is out of the base.

The gem can go back to your base via warp but it was still touched dude so no brilliant. 10/10

very fun

this game had me playing for hours trying to think up strategies to get a Brilliant rating on all levels. those darn Ninja ghosts are such a pest! wonderful game overall :) hope to see a 2nd game with more turrets and enemies!