Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

I asked for more

and I recieved... I'm thankfull

awesome game 10/10 XD

agree with Ericho on the fire towers being the most fun, but strategically the ice ones are the best as they fire at a fairly decent speed and have the greatest range, plus seeing your enemy turn in fear as they die is rather entertaining.

all in all an excellent tower defense game, good job guys (and or girls)

There is a bug to fix

If you used the "return portal" skill to return a touched gem to your base, the programm won't give you an "brilliant" rating, although all your gems are in the base. If I recall correctly there was the same issue with the first part.

otherwise great game. cannot wait for the "real" sequel.

I love it!

woah it is so so so good! I like it a lot. <3 the only thing that could make it better is medals. So fun!!! :D


Awesome game