Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

again amazing quality

a great tower defence game , i like how you have changed the coulor of the menu and the background of it ,maybe to make it fresher or sumet but ethier way its still good, a little harder i personally think than the other one but more the reason to keep playing

if thier is one thing i could say is to maybe add a easy and hard dificulty to each level to increase the gameplay keep up the good work

awesome game 10/10 XD

agree with Ericho on the fire towers being the most fun, but strategically the ice ones are the best as they fire at a fairly decent speed and have the greatest range, plus seeing your enemy turn in fear as they die is rather entertaining.

all in all an excellent tower defense game, good job guys (and or girls)

I love it!

woah it is so so so good! I like it a lot. <3 the only thing that could make it better is medals. So fun!!! :D

Great game

I love the ability to choose any level you want and also the ability to purchase upgrades and and the achievements were pretty creative.

All in all great game definitely in my book marks. :D


Awesome game