Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"


Pretty addicted to this game now

While I was going through the tutorial I thought it may be over complicated but its just right.

everything works really well and there's enough elements in the game to keep it interesting and allowing you to achieve them.

truly a great tower defense game, my favorite at the moment in fact

well done, keep up the good work :)

Even better than the first!

So awesome, it gives me more of a challenge! I gotta collect all those achievements, (I thought that they could be medals for Newgrounds) and its going to be a toughy!


it says "don't let enemies even TOUCH your gems." of course you can't get brilliant score,you onyl get excellent then.

I loved the first part,and this part too!
5/5,10/10 One of the best TD's i have ever played.

Great game!

love both versions of this game, but it seems when i get to a certain point, the game will freeze and give me a whole set of 9's across the battle victory bored