Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

Very nice!

Nice game, like most other tower defence games

awesome defense

i played a lot but i came back to this one, many more times, mostly because i wanted to know what every single lvl7 tower was or wanted a brilliant on every level (which took forever because of that damn ninja in the final level)
now that i've finished all that, i want to cap out all the skills :D

Good game though some things not balanced

I like the restrictions on tower placement, which is what made the game interesting, though it gets slightly repetitive after a while.

Also, I dislike the poison cloud ability since it could trigger the ninja's ability and actually weaken aoe (hunter's den?) towers since the poison damage is weak late game.

Also, it would be nice to have an option to redo your whole skill tree (possibly at the cost of some xp?) since it's too much work to start a new game just to see how a different build would work.

Also, ninja's are too overpowered since they can practically get next to your gems if they survive initial towers, which almost forces either slow towers to 1shot them at the beginning or saving up mana just to meteor them, which takes a lot of variety in strategy. I'm practically saving up mana for waves with any ninjas.

Also, it seems a waste to watch as all of my frost towers shoot at a guy that's at almost no hp and waste all of their charges and another guy who's not that far behind simply walks through the frost towers without getting hit.

I'm pretty sure that the frost tree is underpowered since frenzy is the most expensive spell and getting it down from 200 to 150 is not as good as woodcutting from 100 to 50 and because of ninjas i spend most of mana on meteor. Frost towers are weak because of the above paragraph when by themselves, so it seems frost towers are either best used alone and spread out or just used as support.

Another problem seems to be that the 3 skills that increase crit, fear and radiance only seem to affect 1 of the 2 kinds of towers that actually have those stats.

Lastly, xp curve isn't optimized and balancing needs to be worked out.

an ok game

while this is a good tower defence game i noticed three fatal flaws
one: lack of towers, three doesnt give much room to stratagize
two: at first it looks like you can deck out wichever tower that you use the most but in the end if you dont have a very good demon tower you'll find yourself grinding for exp in order to beat the last level
three: lack of a pause button, look this is a game of stratagy, your gonna need to stop and think which this game does not allow you to do adding to the difficulty in a very cheap way

on the other hand the idea of having to clear out the best spots for towers is simple yet uncommon rule, an uncommon rule that greatly adds to the difficulty in a good way,