Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

Great game, but ninjas are OP

Like Fanewgie said before me, sometimes it's impossible to stop ninjas from touching a gem. There could be at least one kind of tower able to spot them or maybe a spell to do so, because it's very annoying to lose a golden star because of them...

Good game, XP rates 2 low

After quite a bit of effort I've managed to get perfect ratings on all the levels!

Like the original, this game is pretty fun and challenging, short as it is. However, also like the original, it has a bit of a balancing problem in the XP rates. I'm only level 27, but I've completely beaten the game. To get all my stats maxed out would take hours of repeating the same level for no real entertainment value. You need to either add more levels or make it easier to level up, because this is annoying.

To the guy below me who was having trouble with the last level:
I perfected it at lvl 26 by placing hunting dens on the high spots, 3 temples in the upper left, 2 hunter dens in the bottom right, and 1 crypt in the upperleftmost ice tile that i didn't have to clear (of course, I had buildings on the mana spots too). Ghosts got by my defenses constantly, but I just meteored them down. My stats were temple and hunter-den oriented, with mana and meteor support. Didn't use frenzy, and the crypt was pretty much just decoration. Be very careful to have 500 mana and meteor maxed when wave 40 rolls around, or the ghost champion will take a jewel easy.


I was hoping for an actual sequel rather than a level pack. The gameplay is still good but it does get boring.

Especially when I get perfect on every level but I am only level 25/50. I have no desire to play any more to get the last achievement. A level editor (or randomizer) at the very least would have been a nice addition to keep people interested.

This is even more addicting than Cursed Treasure. My only issue is that my progress keeps getting deleted every several days. It's very strange...

Very good game!

Still I'd like to see a way to save my progress without saving cookies.

Are you planning to release this game for android?