Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

a superb update to an allredy superb game.

although i find that, overall, little has changed. it it still a massive update.
the new levels are fun and interesting. wood cutting is now useful, and all the overpowered things are a bit more balanced.

one thing i have to say, it still annoys me that some of the upgrades (namely, marksmanship, mind control and all seeing eye) only effect one type of tower. I prefer the blast temples instead of the radiance, but I have no upgrade for them.
you should change that or add another 3 skills that effect blast temples, balista dens and mana script.

addicted and just cant get enof

addicted and just cant get enof

decent tower defense

Well, I've played the first part and looked forward to this - again, another well-crafted tower defense flash, entertaining and fun to play. :-)
Positives: You get into the game quickly, the upgrading system is mostly useful, the sounds and graphics fit very well
Negatives: Long time motivation! After getting the most useful upgrades and completing the achievements (which do nothing but look good), I still have to get a lot of upgrade points to fully finish the game. By now, I've earned every achievement except the overlord one, I'm standing at 72/120 upgrade points...I don't think I'll play that long to get them all, because there is simply to further motivation for that. I also think, the XP curve gets too high in further gaming (I need about 45 minutes per level at higher levels to level up) - fix that and maybe add some additional maps and you've got yourself a tower defense marvel. :-)

5/5, 9/10

Almost perfect!

I have played the first "Cursed treasure" before and remembered it as the best tower defense game I have ever played (imo). Naturally I was extatic when I came across the new level pack (awesome!!). However, not all the flaws from the first version have been eliminated.
First of all (as noted in the other posts) a chance to change your skill tree is a must for these kind of games instead of starting from the beginning.
Another thing I think should be improved are the masteries for the different trees as it takes a lot of leveling to reach them and once you get them you see that they are not really that great (pointing out to the poison mastery).
As for the ninjas - I do not think they are that overpowered and I am glad they remained unchanged. They are indeed hard to kill but a tower defense implies the use of strategy, doesn't it:). My way of dealing with the ninjas is placing a fearful crypt at the entrance (very high damage and chance to induce fear/freeze) and then frenzy or meteor shower till it dies.
As a whole - I think that the choise of units is great and with few amendment to the skill trees the game is going to be indeed perfect.

Even though i'm not the Tower Defense Player at all, this Game was so amusing, i coudn't stop playing it. Nice Work (Please add some Medals, would you ;)