Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"


now this is what you call a great tower defense game.. im tired im hungry i played this for hours already, my eyes are hurting but im still playing it.. really addicting and fun..

currently level 21 with 4 more achievements left to unlock (master of fire, overlord 60/120, excellent 11/15 and brilliant def 10/15).. i got good in lvl 8, 9 , 12 and 15.. excellent in lvl11 and brilliant on others.. i find other levels easy and others hard.. T_T

for me, try to unlock other maps if your having a hard time finishing a level perfectly.. distribute points that are impt unless you don't care to grind until you unlock all skills.. XD

undead skills rules! crypt towers are my favorite..

btw, thank your for getting exp in this game not that hard or long.. unlike gemcraft labyrinth.. its like needed exp to level up is only 10 but you gain 0.01 every level you finish, another bad part about it is that you don't gain shit when you die.. that game aims to kill you of boredom.. unlike this game :D


Fantastic, I'm glad this finally got on the front page. Took long enough, got me thinking that it'd been ignored by the staff.

I don't normally play tower defense games because they all seem the same to me, but I'm glad I gave this one a shot. The balance between difficulty and enjoyment is absolutely spot on, so well done for getting that right - its not an easy thing to do. At first I thought only three tower types would be limiting and boring, but actually, restricting the tower types and where they can be placed gave the game a whole new level of simplicity that made upgrading and buying towers much more enjoyable.

I hope you make more games, maybe you can try out a different genre next? :)

best game ever....after nyan cat fly....

omg I have played on the cursed treasure ever since it came to newgrounds and now it comes a level pack to this...I'm super happy CB lol

Loving this

You did a great job with these games. I have brilliants on all the levels for the first. Now I just need to get all brilliants on this one. :) I'm not having any issues yet, but if I do, I'll let you know. 10/5 easily. Good work.

i love this game!

i cant stop playing