Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

Even better than the first!

So awesome, it gives me more of a challenge! I gotta collect all those achievements, (I thought that they could be medals for Newgrounds) and its going to be a toughy!


Its just amazing how free game of 7.3mb brings in way more fun than games which costs 50-60$ and occupies 12GB of your PC space.. Great work!

Not bad at all!

This gets a 10/10, but I was slighlty hoping for new music in it... but other than that, pretty good :)


it says "don't let enemies even TOUCH your gems." of course you can't get brilliant score,you onyl get excellent then.

I loved the first part,and this part too!
5/5,10/10 One of the best TD's i have ever played.

Best Tower defence game

Great game, the only niggle I have is that Beholder temple's seem to gain EXP so slowly, that its only just possible to get them maxed upgrades on the last level in the last couple of rounds if you don't upgrade any other towers and have them continuously shooting the whole round! Crypts, dens and burning towers seem to gain EXP fine.