Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

The best!!

I love this game! Its my favorite tower defense on newgrounds!

Tons of fun!

I am so glad to see that you guys are back and making new submissions because this was just so much fun! The coolest towers are easily the fire ones. Call me morbid, but it's entertaining to be able to fry your enemies with fire like that. I also love the little shrieks of pain they make as they die. Wow, I need to get some counseling. What was also great was that the graphics were simply fantastic and everything moved so smoothly.

It can be hard to even know what kind of path the enemy is going to take. You have to look closely where the openings are so you get as much damage as possible. The other powerups like the fire burning were great too. It's also really kind to you as it lets you advance even if your gem is out of the container thing. I am so glad you are one of my favorite authors here.

it took my breath away

Although it's a bit hard for beginners...

great again

very good nice to have more maps to play on but i want a new game!!! maybe more enimies some sort of new tower or power hope you have cooked up some good new ideas keep it up :)

Awesome and job well done!

Nicely done with the addition of new maps. I lol'ed at the Dungeon Keeper map, nice classic!

Anyway, the achievements you made could turn them into Newgrounds Medals, if you want to and it's best to. Not to mention addicting to the bone!

Overall, a worthy sequel is suggested. Here are some additional ideas I can give :

1. Sorry, can't figure out of new towers.
2. New heroes like Wizards (Give allies & himself the ability to miss projectiles) & Angels (Very resistant to Demon towers), etc..
3. Existing tweaks like priests are more resistant to Undead towers, etc..
4. New terrains like water & unsteady rock which cannot build towers on them. Lava which grants bonus to nearby Demon towers.

Lastly, you got my pure 10s. Do give us a sequel and hopefully more awesome than this one. ;)