Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"


a really good chocie dude.

Very nice!

Nice game, like most other tower defence games


its best tower defence game!

Almost perfect!

I have played the first "Cursed treasure" before and remembered it as the best tower defense game I have ever played (imo). Naturally I was extatic when I came across the new level pack (awesome!!). However, not all the flaws from the first version have been eliminated.
First of all (as noted in the other posts) a chance to change your skill tree is a must for these kind of games instead of starting from the beginning.
Another thing I think should be improved are the masteries for the different trees as it takes a lot of leveling to reach them and once you get them you see that they are not really that great (pointing out to the poison mastery).
As for the ninjas - I do not think they are that overpowered and I am glad they remained unchanged. They are indeed hard to kill but a tower defense implies the use of strategy, doesn't it:). My way of dealing with the ninjas is placing a fearful crypt at the entrance (very high damage and chance to induce fear/freeze) and then frenzy or meteor shower till it dies.
As a whole - I think that the choise of units is great and with few amendment to the skill trees the game is going to be indeed perfect.

Good game though some things not balanced

I like the restrictions on tower placement, which is what made the game interesting, though it gets slightly repetitive after a while.

Also, I dislike the poison cloud ability since it could trigger the ninja's ability and actually weaken aoe (hunter's den?) towers since the poison damage is weak late game.

Also, it would be nice to have an option to redo your whole skill tree (possibly at the cost of some xp?) since it's too much work to start a new game just to see how a different build would work.

Also, ninja's are too overpowered since they can practically get next to your gems if they survive initial towers, which almost forces either slow towers to 1shot them at the beginning or saving up mana just to meteor them, which takes a lot of variety in strategy. I'm practically saving up mana for waves with any ninjas.

Also, it seems a waste to watch as all of my frost towers shoot at a guy that's at almost no hp and waste all of their charges and another guy who's not that far behind simply walks through the frost towers without getting hit.

I'm pretty sure that the frost tree is underpowered since frenzy is the most expensive spell and getting it down from 200 to 150 is not as good as woodcutting from 100 to 50 and because of ninjas i spend most of mana on meteor. Frost towers are weak because of the above paragraph when by themselves, so it seems frost towers are either best used alone and spread out or just used as support.

Another problem seems to be that the 3 skills that increase crit, fear and radiance only seem to affect 1 of the 2 kinds of towers that actually have those stats.

Lastly, xp curve isn't optimized and balancing needs to be worked out.