Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

many hours enjoyed here

don't know how many nights when I was in the dorms I would just crank the music and play this bitch.
got a brilliant on each level, true story, and my life is now complete.
but I miss those days...


This game keeps me busy for hours when I would usually spend my time being bored.I love the maps and the difficulty levels are fun to try and advance past. Trophies make it a little more fun to, gives you smething to acheive. As far as Im concerned this is deffinitly a level 10 rating.
Highlights: I love how the crypt towers are. Being able to frighten an enemy is pretty handy, and the amount of damages from the earth/fire towers as you level them up is amazing.
I can't get enough.

Awesome and job well done!

Nicely done with the addition of new maps. I lol'ed at the Dungeon Keeper map, nice classic!

Anyway, the achievements you made could turn them into Newgrounds Medals, if you want to and it's best to. Not to mention addicting to the bone!

Overall, a worthy sequel is suggested. Here are some additional ideas I can give :

1. Sorry, can't figure out of new towers.
2. New heroes like Wizards (Give allies & himself the ability to miss projectiles) & Angels (Very resistant to Demon towers), etc..
3. Existing tweaks like priests are more resistant to Undead towers, etc..
4. New terrains like water & unsteady rock which cannot build towers on them. Lava which grants bonus to nearby Demon towers.

Lastly, you got my pure 10s. Do give us a sequel and hopefully more awesome than this one. ;)


I LOVE THIS GAME!! I've played this for hours and am still hooked! i love using the burning towers, they are beast!! and so are the Crypt!!

Best Tower defence game

Great game, the only niggle I have is that Beholder temple's seem to gain EXP so slowly, that its only just possible to get them maxed upgrades on the last level in the last couple of rounds if you don't upgrade any other towers and have them continuously shooting the whole round! Crypts, dens and burning towers seem to gain EXP fine.