Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

I asked for more

and I recieved... I'm thankfull

again amazing quality

a great tower defence game , i like how you have changed the coulor of the menu and the background of it ,maybe to make it fresher or sumet but ethier way its still good, a little harder i personally think than the other one but more the reason to keep playing

if thier is one thing i could say is to maybe add a easy and hard dificulty to each level to increase the gameplay keep up the good work


Pretty addicted to this game now

While I was going through the tutorial I thought it may be over complicated but its just right.

everything works really well and there's enough elements in the game to keep it interesting and allowing you to achieve them.

truly a great tower defense game, my favorite at the moment in fact

well done, keep up the good work :)

Good Game!

I liked it a lot, like the original one! keep it up!