Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

If I could only give a score of 100 ..

A very very good and exciting game . :D


Its just amazing how free game of 7.3mb brings in way more fun than games which costs 50-60$ and occupies 12GB of your PC space.. Great work!

Even better than the first!

So awesome, it gives me more of a challenge! I gotta collect all those achievements, (I thought that they could be medals for Newgrounds) and its going to be a toughy!

the first game was great , this one...

is much better. =D <3
I spent my entire afternoon on this game. LOL .
And I wanna play it again... <3

yay one small upgrade of this game !

This is one of the best upgrade tower games I know, its really addicting. But well there are some points I missed in this update. I would prefere to play the other levels from the first version of this game too, or a bit more. The other point is that it takes to much time to get the other upgrades. And the archivments give no adventage ... in other games you get gamecash or ng-medals. And I still hate those shadow ninjas >_< !!111 But well I still love it !