Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"


A great TD game for any TD fan.

The only thing I can really complain about are ninjas, or more specifically, champion ninjas. I feel like meteor breaking their stealth would be enough to help, but on some levels (12) there's about no way to stop them from at least touching a gem unless you save up your entire mana pool to meteor spam them. Making them weaker would just make them expendable, but I feel like damage breaking their stealth would at least make the champions a bit more managable (and not passively, either).

Loved it.

A very enjoyable "level pack"!
I only have one real problem with it. I love games that have achievements because I like finishing the WHOLE game, but you're telling me that I need to get to level 40 to get the Overlord achievement?! I finished the game (with all levels at Brilliant) at level 25, and I'm sure people have finished the game at an even lower level than that! That achievement is ridiculous, but I still love this game. I hoping for that sequel any day now please... : )

Not Bad but not a major difference from thoriginal

If you choose to upgrade crypt towers than everything is a breeze through the game, the only hard monsters are the ninja's that become invisible and basically no matter how strong your towers are you need meteor to kill them before they run off with your gems.

Also could you add a hotkey for upgrade tower, would make it more intuitive like R key would be nice :)

a superb update to an allredy superb game.

although i find that, overall, little has changed. it it still a massive update.
the new levels are fun and interesting. wood cutting is now useful, and all the overpowered things are a bit more balanced.

one thing i have to say, it still annoys me that some of the upgrades (namely, marksmanship, mind control and all seeing eye) only effect one type of tower. I prefer the blast temples instead of the radiance, but I have no upgrade for them.
you should change that or add another 3 skills that effect blast temples, balista dens and mana script.


PS3? Xbox360? What the hell are those? *turns back to addictive flash game*