Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

Amazing game!

Truly an amazing game, all you whiners need to cut it out. If you haven't figured it out yet already, you can use the fireball spell to kill ninjas whenever they cloak.

Received every achievement...

Except "level everything all the way". I've got every thing else, including the "All Brilliant" achievement and am only at level 28. There is NO reason for me to keep going for that "OverLord" achievement when I'm at the point where I have to continually grind the 15th level 3+ times just to get one level. Badly weighted. Everything else is golden though.

Great game, but ninjas are OP

Like Fanewgie said before me, sometimes it's impossible to stop ninjas from touching a gem. There could be at least one kind of tower able to spot them or maybe a spell to do so, because it's very annoying to lose a golden star because of them...


Great game, like the first ! You should have make the game with old levels AND new levels :)

best game ever....after nyan cat fly....

omg I have played on the cursed treasure ever since it came to newgrounds and now it comes a level pack to this...I'm super happy CB lol