Reviews for "Cursed Treasure LevelPack"

an ok game

while this is a good tower defence game i noticed three fatal flaws
one: lack of towers, three doesnt give much room to stratagize
two: at first it looks like you can deck out wichever tower that you use the most but in the end if you dont have a very good demon tower you'll find yourself grinding for exp in order to beat the last level
three: lack of a pause button, look this is a game of stratagy, your gonna need to stop and think which this game does not allow you to do adding to the difficulty in a very cheap way

on the other hand the idea of having to clear out the best spots for towers is simple yet uncommon rule, an uncommon rule that greatly adds to the difficulty in a good way,


Very nice defense game and very addictive.
But to bad you can't choise difficulty, some levels are to easy.

Great Game

Very fun game. If i have any gripes its theres not enough levels =).

Hint for ninjas try to hit them AS soon as possible so their 5 sec invis runs out before they get to gems. Failing that Metor kills ninjas nicely. Oh the big ninja u will need to upgrade metor to kill him before he makes it to gems.


oh wow, a new cursed treasure =D

flat out my favorite tower defense game... i must have cleared new saves to all "brilliant" ratings at least 4 times on the original game over time.

Very happy to have a semi-sequel in this pack :)

keep up the good work :)

Amazing :D

Really liked it! Keep up your good work :)