Reviews for "VG Cats Animated 3"

lol....nice peice

you got my 5 r, i liked the d&d skit and the mix up with the random pokemon intrusion..... keep up the good work....

Day Of The Tentacle, nice choice. Also nice flash.

I've got to say, this is a great adaptation of the VG cats comic. Well-animated, funny, and the music...

All I've got to say is bravo for choosing an arranged song from day of the tentacle. It makes such good BGM for many situations.

Also numa numa is nice.

Overall, excellent short.

don't listen

I like these, and I've read the comics so just keep up the good work

krug choking

urk *thump* lmao

Rat Flail!

I shall create a "Rat Flail" for reals :3 .....I hope its not copyright.....otherwise i wouldn't bother since i have this fear of being sued...