Reviews for "VG Cats Animated 3"


its ok i used a dead horse as a battering ram it worked pretty well too

I love you

This is great,
The voices are almost exactly what i immagine them to be when reading them,
the anamation is seamless :D

the comic's are inspired, this is something else....

its not easy to anamate a story from a still immage, the timing, the emphisis on words, attitude, movement. but you do it well... i have now seen the first 4 of these and i love them, you are my new favorite anamator, up there with Cycon, Legendary frog and rubberninja.

keep up the good job :3

definitely need more!

there are so many great VG cats comic strips, i hope you'll continue doing animations of them! :D

autumn's voice for aeris is very nice, hope she keeps the part!

ternaldo also sounds much better than he did in the first one, in that one, he sounded really awkward.

leo's voice is better as well, i cant see it getting much more childish sounding without making him sound odd, so this one might be a good choice to stick with.

really hope you dont stop here, please make more!


LOL very nice, and nice re-voiceing

dont diss the rat flail

it will always win in battle hahahaha