Reviews for "VG Cats Animated 3"

Freakin hilarious

That, is truly a work of art. The most hilarious art I've ever seen. Keep it up; I only wish it was longer.


I liked the animation style. The voice acting really made the video for me.

I thought the Rat Flail was freakin' brilliant by the way. She should have been a better DM. lol

Its a RatFlail!

well animated and voice acted
one of my favorite comics of VG Cats >w<

Funny Animation


I think that your animation was really funny - so I really liked the script (it reminded me a little of dee dee and dexter playing some dungeon board game in an episode once)

The voice acting was great.

The drawings were good and so was the animating.

I really laughed at that rat flail thing. That really sold it to me.

You got 10/10 and 5/5