Reviews for "VG Cats Animated 3"

rat flail

i love the rat flail i would like to see more of it also death by indecency and pikahulkomon is awsome

pika hulkamon?

TOTALLY BADASS! um...krug is choking on the skittledice. funny as shit but also shows how serious and short tempered the master of these D&D games are.

Humor with a +10 in LOL!

I just HAD to put that title!

Funny and the Rat Flail thing is kinda cute actually! I don't think Aeris is going to try that again. XP

Plus the irony of this is that my SISTER is going to play D&D tomorrow! XD

lol, how can i join this game? ^_^

you know what, fine, you get pleage from the rat and die "dead" lol

this made my horribal day feel better :)

umm wait oh god she kileld krag

oh my god she got krag killed