Reviews for "VG Cats Animated 3"

Epic win

I've been waiting for you to make a VG Cats Animated series :3 I think your animation is awesome and humorous. Thanks for making The Series I love them!


I liked your previous VG Cats animations, but you've been steadily improving with each one. I especially prefer Ms. Stroble's voice acting for Aeris over whomever did it previously. Please keep up the good work, and keep improving!


your quality has gone way up since your first animated version...and its hilarious...epic win
the end credits music ads to the win


epicness 10 stars my freind made a ratflain in real life its funny as hell well made its a rat flail :3 i have a poster it has leo sayin its a ratflail while hes in the dungeon its epiccccccccccc

Decent animation.

The animation was decent and the vocals were pretty good. Although Aeris' voice didnt have enough malice in it for the "DROP DEAD" part. Besides that the voices sounded pretty good. And for JPR1226, It is a series. Called VG Cats. This vid is a faithful word-for-word replica of the strip titled "Skittles" (comic 113.)