Reviews for "Osama's Revenge"


I agree with most of the people that say this game was good for a minute. But that doesn't mean I am going to give this 4! NO! I gladly give this game a 10!!! This game gives Americans the chance to do what they have wanted to do for a long time, Kill Bin Laden! A great game should get a great score, and that, my friends, my BROTHERS, is why I give this masterpiece a 10/10! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Kenney responds:

Haha, you go guys!


Absolutely brilliant! Glad the bitch is dead. Now we get to re-live the experience over and over and over.

Kenney responds:

true, I love killing ghosts.

short, but good.

Never mind the others, I'm one of those people that loves an easy game. The art was good, and it was fun while it lasted. With a leaderboard it could become quite competitive too. Nice.

Kenney responds:

Cool and nice to meet you, I like easy games too :)


45sec 94%acc great fun game :)

very good

kinda short but quite good. I thought this was a fun game to play. graphics were decent and gameplay was decent. very nice osama game!