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Reviews for "RPG<Maker> Battle Two"

Wow, man...

I'm using this in my RMXP game, replacing all the areas that use the original!
Sorry Enterbrain, 5hocker's songs are alot better XD


TYVM the old and boring songs on rpg maker xp and vx were weird this is awesome ill be useing this (if you let me of coarse)

This was my favorite song on RMXP...

...and you did it justice, my friend! I liked the techno-ish feel to it towards the end. Keep up the good work.

Awesome Intro!

This would be good for an intro...
I already know an opening scene! If you wanna know it, tell me!
However, you get a maximum of 10 1-Ups for killing boringness in 01:56!

Excellent Remix

This song wasn't that good on the actual game, but you made it 15 times better!