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Reviews for "RPG<Maker> Battle Two"


holy shit.
i have to agree with the guy below me

this is fantastical

and magical


It is a very amazing piece of music. Its hard not to listen to it. You did a fantastic Job. I Agree With these People Below me. Its a Very Nice Piece and it can capture your mind easily and before you notice it, Its been 8 Hours and you still can't stop listening to it. As far as i know its the best piece of music i have heard in a long time. Great Job and Make another one Soon.


I appreciate this a lot more because I use the program. :)

Excellently done!

love it!

it's like a cross of old style caslevania music and final fantasy boss music. very nice! i hope there is other music like this in your submissions... i'm gonna go check :D

Seems more like an epic intro song.

I have a hard time picturing this as a battle theme but it would go prefect with an epic opening sequence. Nevertheless you get 10 shiny stars out of ten