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Reviews for "RPG<Maker> Battle Two"

Damn, this is an epic theme.

It's definitely one of the best boss themes I've heard in a while.

Yeah, YEAH!

I loved this piece. just because it felt faster pace, like a boss battle. (0:11)
Ba-de-bumbum! Ba-de-bumbum!

Excellent Remix

This song wasn't that good on the actual game, but you made it 15 times better!

Awesome Intro!

This would be good for an intro...
I already know an opening scene! If you wanna know it, tell me!
However, you get a maximum of 10 1-Ups for killing boringness in 01:56!

This was my favorite song on RMXP...

...and you did it justice, my friend! I liked the techno-ish feel to it towards the end. Keep up the good work.