Reviews for "Yotam plays Portal 2"

internet OCD would work, too!

that was outrageous and demented. kudos, man!

It was lolsy

I found myself doing that exact same thing when I got to that point in the game... Wait... Does that mean that I have Gamers OCD? OH NO!......

Meh. *plays more portal 2*


I was watching this and it was really funny, but I noticed that you don't have a cartoon call Yotam plays Portal. How can you have a cartoon called Yotam plays Portal 2 if you don't have a cartoon called Yotam plays Protal? How can you have a sequel without an original? Why do I have a hammer up my nose?

um... i liked it, but....

I kinda seemed to notice NeoNazi-like characteristics. First, he was trying to make a swastika in tetris, and second, he said,"I want everything to be white and PURE" which is practically what Hitler dictated during World War 2. In case I'm just crazy, and none of this stuff really happened in the video, please don't hate me.


oh nooooooooooooo OCD sucks